GPRS Overview

GPR Services

GPR companies in Florida provide a number of valuable services that help prevent worksite accidents and ensure public safety. The skillful use of ground penetrating radar greatly reduces a company’s exposure to liability claims as well as potential for damages and injuries. In Florida, GPR services are most commonly used in extremely important applications, such as locating underground utilities to avoid damaging active lines and scanning concrete to prevent damage to critical reinforcing steel like post-tension cables, beams or rebar.

Utility Location

In Florida, GPR is used extensively for locating underground utility services that you won’t find just by dialing 811. Since 1993, Florida underground utility owners and operators have been required to participate in and provide funding for Sunshine 811, the not for profit corporation that operates the 811 system. Excavators and construction companies can call 811 to find out if there are any underground public utilities where digging is planned. Homeowners planning a project that requires digging can also get information through Sunshine 811 about the location of gas lines, water pipes, underground phone or fiber optic cables, and the like. But there are limitations to what 811 can provide; for instance, the location of water and sewer lines from the meter to a house or any privately installed and owned utilities. These items include, but are not limited to, electrical secondary lines, private communication lines, sanitary lines, water lines, gas lines, storm sewer lines and any other private utility. The free one-call service also can’t tell you anything about privately installed items like underground storage tanks, abandoned wells, old foundations, or septic systems. Companies providing GPR services enable Florida contractors and homeowners alike to dig safely. They also help engineering firms, surveyors, and architects in the planning and design of new installations.

Concrete Scanning

Contractors and builders need to know what lies beneath the surface before they do any sawing or drilling into concrete walls, floors, decks, tunnels, or other structures made of concrete. Construction contracts today typically require concrete imaging before such work begins. Florida GPR companies are the best resource for locating embedded steel, rebar, post tension cables and any conduits for electrically charged power lines, network cables, or phone and sewer lines, as well as for detecting voids and measuring the thickness of concrete. The increasing use of GPR services in Florida is helping prevent property and equipment damage, utility service disruptions, and needless injuries to workers—a win for everyone.

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