Meet the Florida Team


Cooper Cox | Delray Beach, Florida

561-322-6469 |

Born and raised in Florida, Cooper has been working for Ground Penetrating Radar Systems since 2016. He has always been in the construction industry enjoys working for GPRS because he's able to be in the construction industry as a consultant giving hands-on assitance to GPRS' customers and get what they need done. It is our goal to make our customers' projects easier and safer.

When he's not scanning concrete, Cooper normally spends time with his family. He is married to his wife, Sosha, and they have a beautiful daughter that is only a few months old. Although most of his free time is spent with his family, Cooper also enjoys fishing as well as free diving. Being born and raised in Florida, this comes naturally to him.


Brandon Love | Orlando, Florida

407-212-1707 |

Brandon is one of the few who were born and raised right here in Orlando, FL. He enjoys oranges, debates about how great the Orlando Magic will eventually become, and soaking up the Florida sun in between rain showers like any other Orlando native. When he isn’t providing subsurface solutions with Ground Penetrating Radar technology you can find him enjoying all the wonderful entertainment activities that Orlando has to offer with his wife and three children. His passion for technology and desire to serve others has made him a great asset to GPRS. Brandon would be more than thrilled for the opportunity to serve you on your next upcoming project by letting you know what’s below.


Peterson Jean-Baptiste | Miami, Florida

786-566-6295 |

Prior to GPRS, Peterson worked as a Mentor, Social Worker, and a Mental health therapist in Orlando, where he lived for 3-4 years. Peterson and his wife wanted to be closer to their family so they decided to transition to Miami in 2017. Around the same time one of GPRS’s Project Manager, now Area Manager, Gerin St. Claire decided to refer him to GPRS as a Project Manager. Since then, May 2017, Peterson was hired and has been working as part of the GPRS family in South Florida.

Interesting facts about Peterson include that he was born in Haiti, he lived in Jerusalem for two months in 2011, he loves caring for children and has a passion to mentor the youth, and he enjoys watching and playing basketball.


Gerin St Claire | Orlando, Florida

321-246-1833 |

Born in Southern California and raised in North Carolina, Gerin has been with GPRS for three years. He provides leadership and support to the North Florida team, including ongoing training, quality control, administrative support. Gerin is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida, with a degree in Economics.

Outside of work, Gerin is the father of three children and husband to Diana. His family enjoys the outdoors, board games, and travel to local highlights.


Nate Schmoe | St. Cloud, Florida

407-232-5602 |

Nate, originally from Kansas City, MO, has worked with GPRS since 2015. He has a background in customer service and has always enjoyed working directly with clients. His care for the people he works with and the precision with his work has made him a valuable employee for GPRS. His main goal as an employee has been to give people the peace of mind they need when performing jobs that can be dangerous. Keeping people safe while they work is a top priority.

When not working with GPRS Nate spends all his free time with his family. Together they help manage a small CSA garden and run a horse ranch with his wife's family. His young family enjoys kayaking, hiking and anything that involves being in the water. He has a wife of 10 years and three daughters.


Quintin Short | Orlando, Florida

407-246-9900 |


Michael Fusco | Area Manager | Miami, Florida

954-734-4091 |

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Mike has been a part of the GPRS family for two and a half years. He graduated from East Carolina University and moved to Florida a little over six years ago. Mike comes to GPRS with a background in education and enjoys working with people. In addition to this background, he uses his knowledge of GPR to help customers minimize subsurface risks associated with underground utilities.

When Mike is not on a construction site he enjoys staying active by playing sports, going to the beach andenjoying the outdoors. Some of his other hobbies include traveling, learning about different cultures and woodworking.


Tony Valenti | Project Manager | Tampa, Florida

813-459-9480 |

Tony is a native of central Florida and a graduate of USF who has been with GPRS since 2016. He splits time between his wife, five kids, radar antennae, and books, all of which he enjoys. One day, fishing may re-enter the equation.

Prior to working with GPRS, Tony taught high school and believes his greatest qualifications for being hired by GPRS are his abilities to teach and communicate professionally.


Ben Cowart | Miami, Florida

954-734-4091 |

Monday through Friday I perform subsurface investigations, searching for what lies beneath. I have no current hobbys, only memories of days past, most of my time is devoted to family.. My spare time now is given to my wife and four young sons ages 12, 11, 8, and 1. Saturdays , and days off....

We spend much of our time outdoors, and exploring new places. We love hiking or biking the everglades, or boating in the Keys.

The Ocean is a place where we can spend an entire day with no complaints, spend no money, and sleep very well when it's all said and done. Sunday is our day of rest and worship, we devote it to the Lord by attending church and serving in any way we can.


Eddie Miller | Tampa, Florida | Gulf Coast Region

813-344-9656 |

Eddie has worked in food service for about five years and for the last two years, he worked for Optum Insurance in there hospice pharmacy services department.

Eddie was referred to GPRS by a good friend, Peterson Jean-Baptiste (GC).

In his free time, he is a drummer in a band.

Eddie will be serving Tampa and the surrounding areas.


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