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Non-Destructive Concrete Testing for Preferred Builders

When Preferred Builders of Naples, Florida needed to determine the concrete thickness and reinforcing steel presence in a concrete slab poured over metal pan decking they contacted GPRS, LLC of Orlando, Florida. Preferred Builders was planning a project in which they were renovating some office space at the Regions Bank building in Naples, FL. Prior to cutting the concrete they wanted to make sure they knew exactly what they would hit. Preferred Builders originally searched and found Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. on the internet at Once on the website they learned of GPR’s ability to provide non-destructive testing of concrete and contacted Ground Penetrating Radar System’s local office in Orlando, FL. It was explained to Preferred Builders that ground penetrating radar would be able to determine the location of the reinforcing steel in the concrete and also determine the concrete thickness. Because the slab was on top of metal decking it made the project more difficult, yet GPRS was able to instill confidence that they could get the job done.

On site GPRS surveyed two areas of concrete to determine the reinforcing steel presence and the concrete thickness. The reinforcing steel was mapped on the surface and, as expected, was a 6”x6” wire mesh. The concrete thickness was also tested and was able to show Preferred Builders that the concrete was only 2-2½” thick. These pieces of information were critical to project moving forward. After all of the testing was completed GPRS processed the data and generated a job specific report for Preferred Builders. Overall the project was a success and Preferred Builders was satisfied with the information and data ground penetrating radar was able to provide on their project.

Chris Moore runs GPRS operations in the South Eastern United States. He is based in Orlando, FL and he can be reached at (321) 331-2127 or by email at Concrete scanning and surveying is a common application performed by the GPR technicians at GPRS.