Rebar and Conduit Locating Near Office In Daytona Beach

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contacted to locate a potential underground septic system at an office building near Daytona Beach. Prior to environmental drilling, it was necessary to locate the septic system and associated lines.

The equipment used in the scan was a three-wheeled cart carrying a 400 MHz antenna capable of identifying objects at a depth of 8-10 feet, and a SIR-3000 computer system.

While on site, GPRS technicians scanned approximately ½ acre to locate common utilities and any strange anomalies surrounding the site. A major benefit of the 3 wheeled cart set up (pictured below) is the surface coverage. We are able to scan large areas in a timely fashion as well as scanning over many types of surfaces. After further investigation at the suspected site we were able to determine that there was not an underground septic tank. The customer had previously walked the site and mistook a pipe protruding from the ground as a ventilation pipe for a septic system. The pipe turned out to be an old mount for a street sign. The nearby sanitary cleanouts and all other utilities located were marked on the surface with marking paint. If the customer decides to proceed to do environmental testing and drilling on site, they will now know where all utilities are located in this area to avoid a strike.

In the picture to the right you can see GPRS technician, Kyle Kearcher scanning for a UST with the 400 MHz antenna carried by the 3 wheeled cart.

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