GPR Project with SunTrust Bank

SunTrust Bank had a vacant property where they were going to perform an environmental investigation and determined that they needed to survey the area with ground penetrating radar. The purpose of the GPR survey was to determine the presence and location of any underground storage tanks and buried utilities that might still be on site. Suntrust planned to perform several soil borings and other similar tests to determine the environmental impact the site currently has. In order to perform the GPR survey they contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. of Orlando, FL. This is a very common application for ground penetrating radar and Chris Moore with GPRS was certain their system would be able to perform the requested services. GPRS has used ground penetrating radar to perform this type of survey on multiple occasions.

Once on site GPRS surveyed roughly 2 acres in one day mapping utilities and searching for UST’s. GPRS did not find any evidence of an underground storage tank but they found several utilities that SunTrust will avoid when they return to this site to perform their soil borings. All of the utilities found were painted on the surface and at one point the site contact excavated a small hole to check the accuracy of the GPR equipment. The equipment proved to be accurate to within 2” of the correct depth of the utility discovered. With this type of accuracy achieved on-site the SunTrust Representative was extremely pleased with the results of the survey. They were highly complementary and we at GPRS look forward to working with them again in the future.

Chris Moore runs GPRS operations in the Orlando, FL Region. He is based in Orlando, FL and he can be reached at (312) 331-2127 or by email at Concrete scanning and surveying is a common application performed by the GPR technicians at GPRS.