GPR Used To Assist In Crime Scene Investigation in Central Florida

GPRS was called out to a location recently to assist in a crime scene investigation. GPRS technicians have been successful in locating burial sites and perform many cemetery locates. In this case, it was suspected that human remains may have been buried in the site that was under survey. It was up to GPRS to use GPR to locate the remains and help solve a missing person case.

The equipment used in the scan was a three-wheeled cart carrying a 400 MHz antenna capable of identifying objects at a depth of 8 feet, and a SIR-3000 computer system. Also used was a 1600 MHz antenna that is effective to depths of approximately 24” and is ideal for scanning concrete. After scanning with the 400MHz antenna, we had a few areas of concern that we wanted to check with the 1600MHz antenna. Soil disturbances were detected with 400MHz antenna just below the slab. Using the 1600MHz we were able to increase the resolution and determine a number of target areas to saw cut and dig for the missing person remains.


A similar application that GPR is used for is Cemetery grave site locating. In most instances GPR is able to detect a buried casket. If there is an unmarked gravesite that you would like to have located, please contact a GPRS technician to assist you.

In the pictures to the right you can see GPRS technician, Kyle Kearcher scanning for slab/soil disturbances indicating a potential burial site. As they were located, the target areas were marked out with soap stone and paint. The equipment pictured is the 1600 MHz antenna.

If you would like a price or quote for a slab on grade, elevated slab, or structural scan to locate important embedments, please visit the “Contact us” page at to contact your local GPRS representative.