GPRS Services Map Reinforcement in Post Tension Slab

A contractor was planning to make sever penetrations on a post tension slab at an office building in Miami, Florida. The contractor was planning to install new plumbing drains and had to make 4-5 penetrations through the elevated post tension reinforced concrete slab. The area they needed to have survey was roughly 3’x3’ in size. They contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems knowing that this was the exact type of work they specialize in.

Once on site GPRS used their 1500MHz antenna, specifically designed to provide high resolution concrete images of the precise location of the rebar, post tension cables and electrical conduit. Ground penetrating radar is an effective and efficient tool for accomplishing these goals and GPRS has the area mapped on the surface of the concrete in less than 30 minutes. Once the marking was complete the ground penetrating radar technician took time to explain the results so they contract would know exactly where to drill. This ensured that the building did not face and structural damage and, more importantly, that the contractor was safe during the drilling process. All parties were pleased with the results and the holes were drilled without incident.

You will see a picture mapping the rebar and post tension cables on the surface. Notice that the bands with the red slashes across them are the post tension cables. All other markings are of the rebar in the slab. If you would like to receive a proposal for similar work please visit the “Contact us” page at