Subsurface Scanning Solutions

At GPRS, our motto is “Subsurface Scanning Solutions”. We believe in working with customers to solve problems. There are limitations to what our equipment can accomplish because the science of GPR itself has limitations. We get calls every week for jobs that are beyond the margins of what’s possible, but we strive to innovate solutions for our customers. This month alone, we came up with a number of solutions. Here are a few examples:

  • In Orlando, a customer brought us out to scan a new slab, freshly poured, and the concrete had not cured long enough for the GPR to see all the way through the slab. We could have walked away, saying, “Sorry, but our equipment cannot see deep enough.” but this customer had to drill. They needed a solution. So we grabbed a lower frequency antenna (sees deeper), requested the PT plans, found the column lines and verified each piece of PT in order to show that there was no PT in the customer’s drill location.
  • In Jacksonville, a customer called us because they needed to verify the presence of rebar in a concrete pier. The problem is that the relevant section of the pier was 20 feet underground. Within 24 hours, we offered them three potential solutions, and two referrals.
  • In Gainesville, a customer asked us to scan a large area to look for small voids. We completed the scan with GPR, and purchased a new piece of equipment (infrared camera) in an attempt to speed up the scan and make it more efficient.
  • In Leesburg, a customer asked us to find a sanitary line that was not visible to the radar. We opened up 4 clean-outs and ran a traceable rodder down 4 lines until we located the correct pipe.
  • In Cape Canaveral, a customer asked us to trace a line to find the exact point of a break. We rented a special piece of equipment to locate the break with greater precision than our standard equipment could achieve.
  • In Brunswick, a customer asked us for a quote to scan a huge facility and we were awarded the work. After receiving the as-builts, we noticed that they only needed to dig down 12” throughout most of the facility. We discussed with the customer the possibility of narrowing the scope and saved them thousands of dollars by reducing the scope to only what they needed.

We believe that our customers deserve the extra mile that it takes to solve whatever problems arise related to subsurface unknowns. We do not stop working when we hit the first dead end. We work until we hit the last one, or else we refer the problem to someone better qualified to help with the particular question at hand. That is why we wear the motto “Subsurface Scanning Solutions”.

Let us know what problems we can solve for you.