Why A Professional GPR Technician Matters

There is a minimum of three things to look for when considering who to contract for your concrete scanning and utility locating needs:

1. Training and Development

GPRS prides itself on our training program. It includes a 2-3 month apprenticeship system inclusive of hands-on field training and classroom teaching. Further, we ascribe to the scanning practices and methodologies laid out in SIM. Lastly, GPRS is committed to providing ongoing training for our team members to continue to advance in their field skill sets. This is accomplished through online curriculums, onsite training from Area Managers, and other various methods for quality control. When hiring a scanning and underground utility locating company for your job site, it is imperative that you understand the training and education that individual has received – it could be the difference between a line strike or not.

2. Expertise and Experience

Given the rapid expansion of the scanning and locating industry, finding companies and technicians with true job site expertise and experience can be difficult. From day one, GPRS technicians have a group of local colleagues and team members who represent a combined level of experience and expertise that is unmatched by our competitors. On average, a GPRS technician will visit over 250 individual job sites during one year of employment. The designated area technicians and the project experience of our team members offer needed context for successfully interpreting the results and findings from your job site. Be sure to consider the expertise and experience of the local GPR company you are considering hiring and don’t be afraid to ask for the training certificate and program outline.

3. Network of Resources

GPRS has a network of over 200+ field personnel and team members with field experience around the country. This means that when a GPRS technician is on a difficult project and they need support, they have a vast number of people with incredible experience that they can contact for help. It is a common practice for a data screenshot or technical field question to be shared with upwards of 15 individuals in a Region to ensure that an accurate interpretation of the data is provided. Again, this network is unmatched in our industry and ensures that accurate results can be provided to your job site in a timely manner.

The next time you search the web for an underground utility locating company or reach out to your colleagues for a concrete scanning referral, keep in mind that the expertise of the individual and company you hire matters. Not all locating and scanning technicians are created equal. GPRS prides itself on providing the best training, equipment, and support locating workforce in the industry. Give us a call and experience the GPRS difference today!